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We entered the development field in 2012. Since then we have designed hundreds of webs and mobile apps. We have participated in complex online campaigns throughout Europe. Our goal is to create technical solutions that will bring joy to our users and develop the potential of our clients.

Our solutions are not merely technical because we see the projects in a broader spectrum. We make them transparent and engaging for users and admins alike. They speak clearly and are successful and profitable.

About us


Czech Republic can offer some of the best technical universities in the world. That is the reason why we can employ talented professional specialists in the field.


Czech Republic is located in Central Europe and is easily accessible form the entire continent. It is a part of the European Union so you usually need only your ID card for the visit. A trip from the major European cities takes only a few hours. Therefore, the choice or necessity of a personal meeting is neither a burden on finances nor time.


The stable economic system and lower price level of Czech Republic allows us to produce work of a same or higher quality with lower expenses than in western European countries.

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Our team

Filip Háša
My role is to lead my team and make sure that we come up with the best technical solution fast. I am here to make your digital projects a success. We are not offering only man-days and man-hours. We offer our expertise and long-term partnership. You and your clients can be sure to get the best results when my people are working on your project.
Back-end development Leader
Michal Vávra
The development of ‘back-ends’ and apps is not just hard work. It’s also a place for creativity and ingenuity. To create a good app means to think of clients’ needs, the app’s logic and also the detailed functioning of the technology. My goal are apps that elegantly solve a particular problem in a way that leaves only the perfect effectivity.
Web development Leader
Lukáš Kraft
What I love about front-end coding is the visible results of my work. I try to clear all the obstacles from the visitor’s way and not to be bound by the website conception. I want the web passage to be flawless. We watch the web speed and tinker with small interactions. Simply put, we must focus on every detail.
Mobile development Leader
Ondřej Cajthaml
My team creates apps in a way that fulfills our client’s expectations and shines in the stores. We do our best to make the app fast and easy to use. I enjoy new challenges and technologies and the fact that I can download the app I have made and read all the positive comments of other users.
Analysis division Leader
Veronika Vycpálková
For me, web analysis is a way to improve our client’s projects based on real data. I like that we can evaluate certain methods that will bring the results we want, implement them and reach our goal. I constantly test new methods and interesting instruments because there are always new possibilities that mustn’t escape us.
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Mobile apps

We offer development of mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. We will take care of everything from designing the application to launching and promoting it once it is fully functional.

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Website development

We are good at designing minor company websites as well as developing large comprehensive portals. We enjoy webdesign. We love minimalistically designed websites with well-arranged content and intuitive user interface. Take a look at our portfolio and contact us for further information.

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