Ski Resort

How can ski resorts benefit from their own data? We created a mobile app concept for all passionate skiers and snowboarders.

Ski resorts, crowded slopes, thousands of visitors buying their skipasses and continually circulating through tourniquets. A perfect opportunity to work with big data! How can a mobile app manage to sweeten the experience of all the visitors while providing the owners of the ski resort with valuable insights at the same time? Let's take a look!

Unprecedented level of comfort

Buying a ski pass couldn't be any easier. You can run our app from your car seat, hotel bed or restaurant table, choose your tariff and pay by card. That's all it takes. Then you just put your phone into your pocket and go ride the slopes!

Are you not familiar with the ski resort? In our app, you can find a map of all the slopes including real-time info about the number of skiers on the slopes, a list of active ski lifts and photos as well as a map of restaurants, bars and ski-bus stops nearby. All the information you need to enjoy your snowy adventure in one mobile app. And if you happen to encounter any problem, there's always the "call for help" button.

Insights and savings for the management

The management of the ski resort gets up-to-date information about the movement of the visitors or about all the possible problems and accidents. The management receives priceless insights, which would come in very handy when addressing crisis situations or planning rearrangements of the ski resort.

The on-line payments are connected with billing and accountig systems. They manage to serve all the paying customers at once and generate synoptical overviews.

Effortless administration and further development of the app

All the information about the ski resort are very easily editable. This enables the management to communicate with all the visitors in a flash through the app and offer them special deals or inform them about potential dangers or bad weather conditions.

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