Website Analysis

We will find all the weaknesses of your website.

We will identify all technical and security problems, find out how you can do better in terms of search engine optimization and analysie your website from the perspective of its visitors. We aim to find all the blind spots of your website and then help you to get the maximum out of your web's potential.

We are honoured to cooperate with tens of clients:

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We will boost your website's performance to its peak with our creativity and eye for detail.

Thanks to more than 7 years of experience with website development, maintenance and testing, we can provide you with a top-class website analysis which reflects various aspects of the web.

We focus on understanding your business and expectations from the website. We know that every detail matters. We consider even an unexploited opportunity a mistake.


With different testing strategies, we always manage to come up with various ways to improve your website.

We always consult with our clients first so that the final analysis reflects the clients goals and the specifics of their business.

We focus especially on:

  • Technical aspects, functionality, validity, speed and flawless displaying
  • User interface, benefits for visitors and opportunities exploitation
  • The effect of the website on potential customers
  • Traffic sources, SEO and PPC, interaction with visitors
  • Convenience and speed of browsing through the website, quality and adequacy of the content and communication tone

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