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Alpha stage & prototyping
We will test the assumptions we have identified in discovery. And we will come up with a way to deliver the value to our future users - hand in hand with all the stakeholders.
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mvp prototyping
We have helped with these clients (and others):
We will give your MVP a clear shape. We know what the users want, so it's time to figure out how we're going to deliver better, faster and smarter than the competition.
mvp prototyping
There is no MVP without a perfect prototype.
You need to have a perfect prototype of your app or MVP before you start with the development. It's definitely worth it spending the extra time on making it perfect. It will pay back in the future.
We will visualize the solution with you. We can test multiple options and choose the best one. We also have to prepare a nice hand over for the development team.
alpha stage testing
We don't care what you assume. It's the user that matters.
Creating the whole product based on your assumptions is not a good idea. We have to test the prototype and find out what the users think.
You can never guess what feedback you will get. Sometimes you will find out you're completely wrong. Sometimes there will be just some small improvements.
Getting all the feedback you can is always worth it.
Let's get you ready for development
we will do this (and more)
We will create an interactive prototype of your whole service to make sure we cover all the benefits and flows we need to deliver.
User testing
Let's test our solution. What do real users think? What needs to be changed to make the user experience perfect?
There are many ideas, but the resources are limited. We need to invest in what matters the most. We need to prioritize carefully.
We will define what is our MVP going to look like. We can't move forwards without a backlog of desired features.
We have defined the goal, but how are we going to get there? And when? Every start-up and product needs a solid roadmap.
Technical specification
Every digital product needs a technical specification. We can be agile about the features, but we cannot compromise on the quality.
This is why our clients hire us
Analyze all the resources from the discovery stage and come up with a working solution is no easy task. That's we many start-ups ask for our help.
prototyping reference startup
MVP Prototyping and proof of concept
Saily is an ambitious start-up that aims to make renting a yacht a bit less stressful. Before we started with the development itself, we had to create a prototype of the app and test the market.
We also helped with the app branding and visual identity. When the prototype was ready, we launched a simple website to find out what the users think.
What have we found? There were several wrong assumptions in the business model, and the team had to take a step back to change the business model. Even when the users had their reservation, we consider this a success as we saved a lot of client's time and resources.
"We have been developing web and mobile applications with Pixelfield for more than two years. At MusicMap, we appreciate the partnership approach and flexibility that they have shown us throughout our cooperation.“
mvp prototyping reference
Jakub Chudy
Following project stages
mvp prototyping
Beta development
We have defined our MVP, and now it's time to make it a reality.
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mvp alpha stage
Launch & support
Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.
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Maybe you have these questions about the alpha version
Does the prototype always have to be tested?
Long story short - yes. If you want your MVP to succeed, it's a smart thing to do. But don't worry - the simpler the product, the shorter the testing.
Can we skip the prototyping if the product is really simple?
There is no simple product - just a product that is not prepared. We wouldn't skip it, but let's be agile and choose a simple form.
What if we come up with the solution that doesn't fit our budget?
The purpose of the alpha version is also to define the MVP. It's our goal to fit within the budget. We have to prioritise and leave the non-crucial requests in the backlog.