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8 Excellent Strategies to Differentiate Out in the Competitive Mobile App Market with Your Own Application
Unsorted - 20th March 2023

Unquestionably, if one wants to market their product, one must make it distinctive. Yeah, something will automatically be successful if it’s unique. The same situation applies to mobile applications because there are nearly 9 million of them available and fierce rivalry among them. Everyone is looking for something special because it seems difficult to stand…

Protection od product in phase of Proof of Concept
How to protect your idea in the Proof of Concept and MVP phase?
Business | Design | Development - 13th December 2021

If you are embarking on the development of a new product or MVP, it is essential to protect your idea against potential misuse. We asked the experts from AZ Legal how to approach this issue. Protection according to the Civil Code “The protection of a new business idea stems directly from the Civil Code, which…

MVP and PoC of digital product
MVP and Proof of Concept of digital product
Business | Development | Marketing - 13th December 2021

Are you creating a new digital product and need to confirm that it will work? What does an MVP and Proof of Concept look like in terms of promotion? We asked a colleague at Marketup. What did the PoC of your business look like? When I co-founded our company Marketup with Mirko Král, we had…

Lean Canvas: what it is, use and template
Business - 13th December 2021

Lean Canvas is, in short, a one-page business plan. It will help you to clarify your priorities and answer basic questions before you start preparing your project. Template: Lean Canvas Template in PDF Lean Canvas Figma Template

Pixelfield Locks their Place as one of the Most Reviewed Design Agencies in The Manifest
Unsorted - 11th November 2021

Founded in 2012, the Pixelfield has been regarded as one of the most celebrated development and design companies in Czechia. As a matter of fact, our team has been recently named as one of the most reviewed companies on The Manifest’s website. We are honored and thrilled to receive this award and to celebrate this…

Step-by-Step Prioritization for Startups: Build Your Roadmap With the PriX Method
Design | Development | Resources - 2nd April 2020

So you have a great product idea in mind, or perhaps you’re already in the process of bringing it to life. Good job! Since you found this guide to prioritization, chances are you already understand why your app developers cannot build the whole digital product at once. And if you don’t, no worries – just…

How to Use AR In Campaigns: The Ultimate Guide to Augmented Reality Marketing
Design | Development | Marketing | Unsorted - 23rd March 2020

Augmented reality (AR) has the potential to boost your marketing campaign by making the target audience more engaged and emotionally connected to your brand.  Would you like to learn how to make the most out of AR in your campaign? How to integrate the process of AR development in your campaign planning? How to pick…

Proof of Concept: The Complete Guide for Startu-ps
Unsorted - 11th February 2020

The key message of this Proof of Concept guide for startup founders and entrepreneurs is: Before anything else, validate your assumptions about the feasibility and usefulness of your product idea! It’s vital to do this before any significant resources are invested into prototyping and app development. This article will explain to you: What is Proof…

The Science of Appealing Elevator Pitches for Your Retail Startup Funding
Business - 10th February 2020

We entrepreneurs tend to shy away from the word “science.” Unless of course, we are in some “scientific” field. But most of us are not. We are business owners who are busy doing all that we can to market and grow our companies. When someone speaks of the “science” of an elevator pitch, then, what…

WebAR – is it production-ready? Wins and pitfalls of AR development
Design | Development - 9th February 2020

We have recently started working with WebAR technology. It is super fun both developers and final users. The augmented reality development is definitely going to be something to think of when you will plan your future product and campaigns. What can you expect? How production-ready is the technology and what are the pitfalls?  The web…

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