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We bring our clients' products and ideas to digital life. Every single person in our company is passionate about what we do.
What do we do?

The main aim of our work is to find simple and effective solutions to any problem that our clients face. In addition, we make sure the solution has an amazing design.
We are constantly ooking for new technologies and using them to our advantage. By working with different start-ups and covering various projects, you will encounter a dynamic and diverse environment. In other words, you won't be overwhelmed by boring monotonous work, but will constantly push your skills and abilities to the next level.

What do we expect?

In Pixelfield you don't have to be afraid to express your opinion. On the contrary! We expect you to brainstorm and be a valid member of a team, where everyone's opinion carries equal weight. Take courage, show what you've got, and career growth won't pass you by.
What do we offer?

From the beginning, you will be helped by an experienced senior. Senior colleague will make it easier for you to adapt to the work and the working environment. A well-done job is important to us, but it is not just about work. We want you to fit into the team, so be aware that after work you will go for a beer with us.
You will be part of the whole process by completely covering the projects - from the very beginning of the project to the successful market launching. You'll see how a project is built piece by piece.
It's not only about working from the office. We have clients from the UK and the EU, but there are other countries where we have projects. What does that mean for you? If you want to travel for work or move to another country, you have our full support as long as you do your job on time and responsibly. We'll even help you with the visa process and finding a base.
Why work with us?
Our experienced colleagues will guide you and help you with all the tasks that await you. They will give you professional, friendly advice and you can contact them at any time. But if you think you will have a mentor forever, you're wrong. One day your time will come, a time when you will be able to pass on your knowledge and experience to younger colleagues.
We have partnerships across Europe, so travel is part of the profession. Work and travel if you want to, but do the job well. And of course, you can choose if you want to work from Prague or London.
Personal growth
Show what you've got and your career growth won't pass you by. Diversity of opinion is important, in both - career and personal life, and we love to hear your ideas.
We believe that honest communication is the main asset for a successful project and a cohesive team. That is why we always communicate openly.
Influencing the business
Because we value and consider every single suggestion, team members influence the decision-making and direction of projects.
If you think working for us will be a challenge or something easy, it doesn't matter. Get in touch either way! Respond to one of the posted offers or let us know what you see as a promising collaboration.

Life in the office
pixelfield developers career
pixelfield developers career
pixelfield developers career
pixelfield developers career
pixelfield developers career
pixelfield developers career
pixelfield developers career
pixelfield developers career
pixelfield developers career
pixelfield developers career
pixelfield developers career
What do our colleagues say?
Michal, Chief Technical Officer: "The work of a developer is challenging and fun."
What is a prerequisite for a developer's job? What qualities should a developer have?
The basic and main prerequisite for the job of a developer is technical and analytical thinking. It is not necessary to have a degree in the field, it is necessary to think. A person should be able to learn quickly and independently.
What is the job of a developer about?
A developer's job is about using technology to their advantage. For example, frameworks are helpful tools if we know how to use them appropriately. There is no point in working on a greenfield if there is already a tool that will make the work easier. It saves money and avoids unnecessary mistakes.
How does a person find out that development is the right job?
A developer should be interested in technology and new trends, languages, or practices. Persistence and a desire to discover solutions to complex problems move our work forward. Therefore, a person should be determined. After all, our work is challenging and fun.

Marek, Front-end developer: “With the help of senior colleagues, I learned the Flutter coding language.”
You're a front-end developer, what do you do and what are you responsible for?
Front-end developers create the code for the user interface of an application so that users can interact easily with the application. The code is created and based on graphics input from designers. As a developer, I try to bring the code to digital life. It is my responsibility to ensure the functionality and ease of use of the application environment.
You're a relatively new member of the team, how did you get the job?
My path to junior front-end developer was not a straightforward one. Before working at Pixelfield, I worked in a completely different sphere. I've always liked working with computers and I'm not afraid of a challenge, so I decided to re-qualify. With the help of senior colleagues, I learned the Flutter coding language. After 3 months I understood the principles of coding and now I am working independently on application development.

Ondra, Team leader: "If you're excited about learning and working on interesting projects in a friendly team, you're the right person."
When did you start working and what were you working on? How long did it take you to become a team leader?
I started working as a junior front-end developer more than eight years ago. I worked on smaller projects. But with experience, I started to focus on more complex projects and new programming languages. Thanks to this and general knowledge I became a team leader after 4 years.
You have Prince Agile and Scrum certification - Did you want the certification out of your conviction or did you get it as part of your PF training? How does it help you in your work?
I got the certification as part of my education at Pixelfield. Also, I wanted it for myself, to prove to myself that I understand the methodology and can use it in practice.
To make it not just about work, the website said that you relax mainly by playing/watching football, so let's get to the football - now, for example, it's EURO 2020 and the Czech Republic is doing well, do you go out for a beer together after work to watch football? Even better, have you ever had a Pixelfield team building where you played football?
I think there are more hockey fans than football fans in Pixelfield. However, occasionally I manage to "talk" someone into watching football. In general, we are more into running or laser games.