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Online chatting is one of the world’s greatest joys nowadays. Development of chatbots starts with us. Facebook Messenger has over 1.2 billion users. Our chatbot can get you so much closer to all of them.
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We create chatbots that sell and build customer loyalty at the same time

By 2020, nearly 90% of all customer interaction will happen without human employees being involved. The Chatbot market has been growing exponentially during the past few years. Unlike overworked customer care employees, chatbots can easily hold thousands of conversations simultaneously in multiple languages, but always in the same perfectly polite and helpful way. They allow businesses to offer their customers quality 24/7 care, organise meetings and increase workflow efficiency.

For instance, a theater’s chatbot can provide people with programme schedule and a restaurant’s chatbot can text back its menu or opening hours. Moreover, chatbots are a great sales channel too - one can easily buy movie or airplane tickets with just a quick chat on Messenger. All in all, a chatbot might very well be a better tool for your business than your current app or website!

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We use Machine Learning and real user testing to ensure a natural conversation

Chatbot development always starts with defining the bot’s purpose and behaviour (main topics and questions, keywords, communication tone). Computer processing of languages is used to make the bot understand the input of the user. However, chatbots don’t have to be very complicated.

Sometimes, all it takes is a bot who asks questions with several possible answers and the user is just picking the right one. This way we can inform the user or provide him with our products and services without the need to deeply analyze their text input. Apart from automated learning systems, we also work with real users’ evaluation of the conversations to test the developed algorithms.

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Chatbots are the new email. Keep your customers happy by providing them with 24/7 care in the form they enjoy the most.

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