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We will support you on the long run.
Launch is alwas both exciting a stresful. We have done everyhing properly so we don't have to worry about launch that much. We are here for your to boost your KPIs and support you on the long run.
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app launch support
We have helped with these clients (and others):
Launch is the end the beginning of our exciting journey. Now it's time to boost your KPIs, maximize your revenue, and polish your product to the perfection.
app launch
Launch can be scary, right? It's just a first step towards the perfect product.
After months of work on the MVP, we're finally going to welcome the first customers.
We will keep an eye on the conversion rates and other KPIs and step in if there is anything troubling.
It might seem like the end of the journey, but it's not. The customers will soon let us know what the M in MVP stands for.
What's ahead
One small step for developer, one giant leap for your start-up.
Servers and APIs
We need to setup the live environment and take of various transfers. We also have to check that all APIs work smoothly.
Testing and handover
We will make sure everything runs the same on the live environment as it did on the stage, and hand over the resources.
First visitors
This is why it's worth it. We are finaly going to welcome first customers, receive first orders and first reviews.
app longterm support
We value long-term partnership. That's why we build on trust a openness.
You need to be sure that we're telling the truth to get a good night sleep.
There is no successful project withou a trust that goes both ways. We are always open with our clients and share our ideas. We also share the bad news as soon as they happen.
If you work with us, you alway know where you are.
app support
We have your back whether you need 24/7 support or just a few minor changes.
Every start-up is different. We can just help you from time to time, or we can work togehter on daily basis.
We are not jealous! Do you want to build your in-house team? It's not a problem for us. We can hand over the work to your OPS team and suppport them if there is a need for it.
From time to time, we also help our clients to build their teams to take over.
This is how we can help you
after the launch
How are your KPIs? How can we make your product even better? Let's get rid of all bottlenecks and listen to the withes of your customers to maximaze your MRR.
New releases
We probably have a backlog full of great features and ideas. Without a doubt, many more will come both from the team and customers. Let's get to work again!
Continuous support
You can sleep well if you have our support on the line. If there is any prolem, just give us a call. We will always pick up the phone, even on friday night.
This is why our clients hire us
We have our client's back. Take a look at one of the recent success stories.
app launch reference
Ongoing development and support
We have launched Storki about two years ago and it was an immediate hit.
The work hasn't stopped there. We had to solve several challenges like monetization and new features.
We managed to get awarded not just by the community of users and app contests but most importantly, the client.
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"We have been developing web and mobile applications with Pixelfield for more than two years. At MusicMap, we appreciate the partnership approach and flexibility that they have shown us throughout our cooperation.“
app launch support
Jakub Chudy
Questions about launch and support
Can you help us with the operations after launch?
Yes, of couse. We can only take care of the technical side, or we can help you with the analyis and further product development.
What are the costs of running the app?
That really depends on the complexity of the app and your plans for development. Generally speaking you will spend at least about a 10% of the initial cost of the app a year.
Do you offer technical support?
Yes. Our support is available 24/7 if something goes wrong, or if you just need some assistance.