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Agile development with outstanding results.

Your favourite developers and digital consultants - we are the complete package. We kick off every project with careful planning of the app’s concept and business plan to make sure it becomes an instant hit.

Next, we put all our energy into creating a Minimum-Viable-Product as soon as possible. This allows us to carefully test the app early enough and adjust the development plan accordingly. We then continue to add and test your desired functionalities one by one, which ensures a great deal of flexibility during development. With our routine, your app will always bring new features to the market.

Finally, we devote our time to detailed testing and some final touches. However, our cooperation doesn’t have to end there. We also have the skills and experience necessary to secure your app a successful launch and great publicity.

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We define what a pixel-perfect attitude means.

Don’t expect any half-baked buns. Profound testing of every detail is fundamental for us. Our tailor-made apps always bring your customers a delightful digital experience with the brand.

Working only with a small number of clients enables us to always make the client a crucial part of the development process. The thorough reporting and intensive client care we offer ensure that every aspect of the final product perfectly fits the project’s needs.

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Your reliable partners in digital crime. We cherish long-term partnerships and challenging multi-platform projects.

We are here to build your dreamt-of digital presence and continually refine it to perfection. Whether you need a mobile app, comprehensive web application, Internet of Things system, chatbot or all of it combined, we’ll design the most suitable solution to fire up your business.

Innovation takes time and money. And courage. We make sure your investments are well worth it. Every digital product we work on is designed with all your long-term goals in mind.

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We have successfully launched more than 100 projects & products in 8 countries.
FAQ mobile application development
How does the process of app development look like?

At the beginning there is a consultation, where we summarize your expectations and what goals should the app meet. After that we create a wireframe. Wireframe states the structure of your mobile application. The next phase is a graphic design proposal. In the (almost) last step our developers program the app. The result is a hybrid mobile app which functions perfectly on all mobile platforms mentioned above.

Which technologies do you use?

Our mobile app development team uses the most up-to-date technologies, which is not only time-saving, it also saves your money. We have experience with creating simple and complex applications, navigations, payments, securing and connecting to other external applications. Our mobile app development team in is always happy to provide a great service for you and we are looking forward to our next challenges.

What additional services do you provide?

Even after you are happy with the app we do not have to say goodbye to each other. There are many fields of activity, where we can offer our services. Besides of uploading the app on distribution channels, you will for sure appreciate our regular app administration, updates development or even our other services, just see what we can do on our service page.

Why should you invest in mobile app development?

Mobile apps are a more and more popular way to increase promotion performance. Before we make an app proposal, we carry out an analysis of your needs and competitors. It results in a goal, which the app should meet to become a meaningful investment. Our developers start working on the mobile app knowing what this goal is, so that they can adapt their mobile app development services to it.

What is the difference between mobile apps and mobile versions of webpages?

Android or iOS app is a programme, which you can download right into your phone. Mobile versions of webpages or responsive designs are displayed in browsers. They do not have the option of installing on your device. These websites also limit you in using technologies such as taking photos, gps localization and others, which we can only use in mobile apps.

Is the app going to require any updates?

Definitely. In some cases, you have no other option. Updates are essential with every new iOS version. In these situations, the update is not time consuming nor financially demanding. By updating it is also possible to extend the apps by adding new functions and making it better. It is all up to what you agree on with us.

Is the mobile app going to work on tablets as well?

The app itself can operate even on tablets. However, we usually forbid it for tablet use, because the controlling is not suitable for its interface. We can also develop your app to be tablets friendly – with a little bit of increase in time and money.

On which platforms can I have my mobile app developed?

Android and iOS. These cover most smartphones. We ensure that the app is uploaded on following distribution channels: Google Play, App Store. This way, we can reach 99,9 % of mobile app users. In case you would require development only for one platform, just let us know.

How do you secure the quality of your apps?

It is natural for our tester to go through the apps before launching and make sure the developers correct any errors found. We can also arrange user testing, which gives us the insight into how the app really works and whether it meets users’ expectations. Testing can reveal all kind of errors and malfunctions. These are then fixed before the app is launched, so you can be sure that our mobile app development services will be flawless.